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Complete Modules

These applications are full-fledged modules in their own right, that extend the ALERE Business Applications' suite into specific Vertical Industries.  Within the description of each module we tell you which versions of ALERE are required and which modules are required for the dependencies.



Some of these are reports we've written for use with the  Stonefield Query Report Writer, and some are custom-written reports for use within the ALERE modules.  Stonefield Query is a non-industry specific, self  service, ad-hoc, query and reporting solution that enables users to  create  and deliver business reports quickly and efficiently. It allows the user to create reports directly from ALERE or a combination of ALERE and another database application in use at the client's location.  Report customizations to existing ALERE reports can be found under Functional Enhancements.


Functional Enhancements

Based on the ALERE Business Applications from TIW Technology, our Functional Enhancements are modifications we've written to extend the functionality of the base product from TIW.  Most of these are small "tweaks" but many are extensive modifications to functionality.  Within the description for each we will list what modules and versions of ALERE the product will work with.


     We develop customized software that works with a number of business software applications. We are constantly adding new enhancements, reports, etc. to our offerings based on the needs of our clients. If you need something that isn’t listed here, please contact us for a quotation.